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Limited space in the kitchen doesn't have to mean limited options for organising this important part of your home. Most kitchens rely on cabinets for storage and organising utensils, cooking equipment, cream jar Suppliers kitchen supplies and appliances. In a small kitchen, the number of cabinets available are limited or there could be none at all. Here are some modern kitchen ideas so that there is a place for everything, and everything would be in its place no matter the size of your kitchen. Ideas for increasing cabinet capacityWith a spark of creativity, you can maximise the use of your existing cabinets with some add-ons that will increase cabinet capacity.

Here are some household and office items that you may already have to organise your cabinets and increase their capacity:Shelf risers - also called stackable shelves, these easily double the usable space inside a cabinet. They're simple to use, inexpensive, and use up very minimal space. Tension rods - when placed towards the back on the top half of the cabinet, a tension rod serves as instant shelving for small spice bottles, reducing clutter inside.Stackable containers - by using plastic containers with the same shapes and sizes you can neatly organise everything in the cabinet. Magazine and file holders - magazine holders placed on their side can hold water bottles or even wine bottles, while file folders are great to store cutting boards, pans, and pan lids.Hooks - attach these on the inner side of cabinet doors for hanging small utensils such as measuring spoons and vegetable peelers.Store your stuff with space outside the (cabinet) boxClever small kitchen ideas spring forth when you think outside the box: utilise the space above, below and on the sides of your cabinets!Top The space above your cabinets have better potential than as a place for gathering dust, no matter how small. Use this space to store rarely used items, with smaller ones like tools and batteries placed inside covered containers to keep things neat and tidy.

Bottom With hooks, bars, wire baskets and more, cabinet bottoms can be where you hang some mugs, kitchen utensils, dish towels, and other not so heavy stuff. Sides Installing some hooks and bars work just as well on the sides of cabinets. You can use this additional storage space to hang towels, pots and pans, cutting boards, or with the addition of a big enough wire rack, some cooking books and magazines too. Small kitchen spaces don't need to be a source of frustration. The possibilities for storing and organising your stuff are endless even when your kitchen is small. With the help of the above kitchen ideas Perth homeowners or renters can easily and cheaply organise every kitchen item they have.